Molecular CombustionEdit

Molecular Combustion is the power to speed up the molecules in an object to the point where the object explodes. Patric inherited this power from his aunt Piper. Patric has learned to master this power, and can attack with percision. This power is one of the rarest and most powerful abilities ever possessed by a Halliwell, and he is the only one in his generation with this power.


With practice and assistance from his aunt Piper, Patric has gained enough control to the point where he almost never missess. When his emotions run high, his power is often activated subconciously, and he blows something up without even looking at it. Recently, he has started learn to blow things up just by squinting, similarily to how his late aunt Prue accessed her powers in her early years, instead of making a hand movement.


There are quite a few demons who can withstand a blow from Patric. Usually, they will either get blasted back a few feet, or will explode into many pieces, then reform. Patric is also limited by the need of both his hands and eyes. He has to see what he wants to blow up, and he has to flick his fingers in that direction for it to explode. The exact range of how close he has to be to an object, but he when he tried to blow up a demon who was in the foyer from the dining room at the Halliwell Manor, the explosion happened in mid air about four feet from the demon's face.


In a versatile use of this power, Patric can blow up oncoming projectiles like fire and energy balls. In one case, a Jakin demon hurled an energy ball at Patric, which he blew up. The resulting explosion was enough to push back the attacking demon. Patric later developed the ability to deflect fire and energy balls back at his enemies by combusting the air infront of the projectile. He also used thie ability to blow up a potion Penny and Patty Halliwell threw at him after he and Melinda accidentally time traveled to the past, thinking they were warlocks.