Family Ties is a Charmed spin-off fanfiction penned by Shane Beckam. The series takes a darker tone than it's predecessor, and is targeted towards a younger audience as well. 

The series chronicals the lives of the second generation of Charmed Ones, who battle both magical beings and human enemies. The nine charmed ones begin their lives as protectors of the innocent, all the while maintaining a normal life.

Season 1Edit

In the first episode, the second generation are living normal lives, getting jobs, getting fired from jobs, and having parties.[1] Patric's normal life gets cut short when he has a vision of a man burning at the stake, then gets branded on the arm with a strange marking.[2] Wyatt's girlfriend, Kayla Niccoli, finds out she's pregnant. Peyton also begins a secret relationship with her student teacher.[3] On Christmas, Melinda gets transported to another dimension where her family doesn't have magic While at first Melinda likes this world, she soon finds out that having magic and helping innocents is much more important to her than having a normal life..[4] Prue's boyfriend makes a move on Phaith, and she quickly rejects him. But after a mean girl at school makes her feel worthless, she crosses a line and hastily accepts his offer.[5] In a Pandora-centric, her friend from art class, Haydon, is killed in a car crash. The sadness consumes her, and she begins to dabble in dark magic. She is rehabilitated by Haydon's spirit, who tells her that she needs to move on with her life.[6] Warren has another vision of Count Thoroux. This time, he sees that Thoroux survived the burning by magically making the flames cold, and slowly glamouring into a burned corpse. After the vision, Warren finds a mysterious silver rock hidden under his bed.[7] The Demon of Lust infects most of the second generation. In an attempt to steal the Book of Shadows, the demon cloaks his dark magic in a complex glamour, and becomes the first demon to steal the coveted tome in decades. After Patric and Chris defect their family, they vanquish the demon and regain the book.[8] Peyton's secret romance with her student teacher, Peter, ends after he cheats on her, which sends her into a sex binge, where she has sexual intercourse with multiple people, including females. Later on, Peter explains that he didn't actually cheat on Peyton, and that it was all a misunderstanding. [9] The Vampire story arch begins while working a night shift at Halliwell, Patric sees a young woman who looks exactally like someone he saw in a previous vision involving Count Thoroux. While taking her order, he gets the feeling of death from his empathy power, and after inspecting her emotions further, he relizes that the young woman is a vampire. He quickly attempts to leave the resteraunt out the back alley, but the girl is there waiting for him. Patric tries to use his powers on her, but she uses her accelerated speed and strength to throw him against the wall. She introduces herself as Katherine Petrova, a vampire that wants to know where the Stones of Power are. Katherine then reveals that she knows about Patric's connection to Count Thoroux, but before he can question her about it, she threatens to kill him if she finds out that he knows where the stones are, then leaves.[10] Moments after Katherine leaves, Patric is attacked by a group of vampires and knocked unconscious. He wakes up in a crystal cage, unable to teleport. He is able to use his tele-empathy power on the vampire guarding his cage, though, and forces him to move a crystal. Patric then blasts the vampire, blowing his head off. Despite the cage being broken, Patric is still unable to teleport, so he begins to wonder around the old werehouse the vampires were staying in. Unfortunantally, the group of vampires return from a night of hunting, and Patric hides behind a wall of crates. The second they walk in, they are able to smell the witch, and one of the vampires pinned him against the wall. After demanding what was going on, the leader, Volture, told Patric that they were holding him captive, so they would get a reward from Creighton, since Patric had a large bounty on his head. After thanking the vampires, Patric dissapeared in a red glow, revealing that he had used his mimiced power of astral projection. The real Patric woke up outside the werehouse, and quickly escaped into the woods.[11] The third and final part of the vampire arch, Patric runs into Katherine while running in the woods. He attempts to blast her, but she only gets thrown back a few inches. He then uses his tele-empathy to force her to tell him what the stones of power are. Katherine tries to resist his compulsion, but she lets it slip that the sotnes of power are capable of breaking the Sun Curse, which makes Vampires vulnerable to the effects of the sun. Katherine then regains control of herself, and lunges at Patric, but luckily, he is able to heart away before she got to him.[12] In a sister-shot, Peyton and Peter get caught by Pandora. The two girls evaluate their sistership after Pandora confesses how hurt she is that Peyton didn't tell her about Peter. In the end, they strengthen their relationship.[13] At Henry's frat, he realizes that one of his pledges, Matt, is actually a werewolf, who can shapeshift into a wolf at will. Matt is having trouble controlling his wolf form, and has been accidenatlly killing innocent people while he unwillingly transforms after he falls asleep at night. Henry helps Matt, and decides to accept his legacy, and help innocents and fight evil like his cousins do.[14] Twenty years in the future, magic is exposed, and Vampires, Evil Witches, Demons, and Werewolfs are the rulers of the world. At Magic School, an older version of Phaith sends the third generation to the past after Demons break through the shield and infultrate the school.[15] The third generation tell their younger parents about how the future is. According to them, an original vampire, Creighton, the new Source of All Evil, and multiple evil witches, dark wizards, and warlocks have joined forces to take over the world, to put the magical community above the mortal world. They formed the Stones of Power, which are able to wield the source of all magic, took over the world, and killed the Tribunal. The government tried to fight them off for a while, but most mortals are killed or work as servants for their evil rulers. Most good witches have either turned to the side of evil, or pretended to so they wouldn't be killed by the evil rulers. The Halliwells lead the Resistance against evil. Melinda, Peyton, and Pandora set up safe houses for mortals and good witches. Wyatt, Patric, and Henry lead revolutions against enemy bases. Chris recruits combatants for the Resistance, and Phaith trains younger witches at Magic School. The members third generation were sent to Magic School while the Halliwells worked on their plan. They decided to kill the Source, as well as his minions, then deal with then hopefully they would be able to reinstate sanity in the human population.[16] Patric performs a seance to commune with Count Thoroux. During the seance, he reveals that he is Patric's past life, which is why he is able to possess Patric's body to collect the Stone of Power. After Patric questions what he means, Thoroux tells him that he possessed his body when Patric would experience visions, and he collected two of the Stones of Power. Patric still appeared to be confused, so Thoroux touched Patric's hand, sending him into a vision, giving him glimpses of himself in Hondorus and China. After the vision, Thoroux tells Patric that he has hidden two of the stones in a tomb under an abandoned church in the middle of Salem, Massachusettes, demons and evil witches couldn't get to the stones because they can't enter the church, and Thoroux put a curse on the tomb so that if a vampire entered the tomb, they would be stuck there, unable to get out. Before returning to the after life, Thoroux told Patric the location of the final stone, France.

Season 2Edit


Regular CastEdit

  • Wes Ramsey as Wyatt Halliwell
  • Drew Fuller as Chris Halliwell
  • Rachel Bilson as Prue Halliwell ll
  • James Lafferty as Henry Mitchell Jr
  • Allison Mack as Melinda Halliwell
  • Hilarie Burton as Peyton Halliwell
  • Hailey Burton as Pandora Halliwell
  • Bethany Joy Galeotti as Phaith Halliwell
  • Jesse Mccartney as Patric Halliwell

Recurring CastEdit

  • Ian Somerhalder as Benjain (Season 2)
  • Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell
  • Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell
  • Rose Mcgowan as Paige Matthews
  • Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt


Season 1Edit

Chapter Name Chapter Description Chapter Number
It Won't Be a Huge Party... Multiple events happen in the lives of the charmed children in this chapter. Melinda is hired as an intern at a large fashion company, Pandora gets asked out to go on a date, Warren is fired from Halliwell, and Chris and Henry decide to throw a party. 1
It's Late...
A pregnancy turns the life of one charmed child upside down. Peyton gets a new student teacher, and he seems to be taking a special intrest in her, but Peyton doesn't seem to mind. 3
It's a Not So Wonderful Life
While the Halliwells' celebrate Christmas, Melinda takes an unexpected trip to an alternate universe where the Halliwells aren't magical. 4
Please Don't Hate Me
Phaith goes to far with her sister's boyfriend. 5
Save Me From Myself Pandora grieves the loss of a close friend. The sadness consumes her, and her family may be too late to save her. 6
Patric is possessed. 7
Love and Other Drugs
I'm a Bitch, I'm a Lover
After Peyton breaks up with her assistant teacher, she goes on a dating binge, and she doesn't limit herself to the male gender. 9
Katherina The reincarnation of Countess Devoux. 10
This Is Nothing Like Twilight Patric is held captive by a group of vampires, and with his family oblivious to his abduction, he will have to save himself. 11
The Warren Crystals In the final part of the vampire arc, many events come full circle when a vampire tells Patric exactly why they want the Warren Crystals 12
Dear Sister Peyton and Peter are caught by a certain family member. 13
Howling At the Moon
Henry deals with a teen werewolf. 14
15 Years Gone The thrid generation have to deal with the mistakes their parents made, and on a split second decision, they decide to travel to the past. 15
Future Consequences Patric's secret is out once the third generation tell the Halliwells what has happened in the future. 16
The Last Element The hunt for the last stone is on. Patric puts himself in danger to save his family. 17
Forgive Me Father, For I Am Sin Patric and Katerina are stuck in the church tomb, and while his family frantically search for their missing teen, Patric and Katerina 'play'. 18
Labor Pains One Halliwell is about to become a parent, while another almost looses their life. 19
Reconing Part 1 The fist half of the dramatic final chapter. The first born of the third generation fights for his life, as another Halliwell fights for his future. 20
Reconing Part 2

The final chapter of Season 1. After a cliffhanger ending, the Halliwells battle a 500 year old warlock.


Season 2Edit


  • Most episodes will be a centric for a charmed child, and have some other family members being supporting characters.
  • There will be a main plot involving the Warren Crystlas, usually being Patric-centric chapters, with sub-plots involving the other charmed kids.
  • Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will be a three part story arc, with them happening simotaneously, and no time gap between the chapters.
  • The second season will introduce Benjamin Turner, Phoebe's first son.


  1. It Won't Be a Huge Party...
  2. Transference
  3. It's Late...
  4. It's a Not So Wonderful Life
  5. Please Don't Hate Me
  6. Save Me From Myself
  7. Flashback
  8. Love and Other Drugs
  9. I'm a Bitch, I'm a Lover
  10. Katherine
  11. This is Nothing Like Twilight
  12. The Stones of Power
  13. Dear Sister
  14. Howling at the Moon
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